Presidential candidate outlines his viewpoints on TV

IRNA – Is’haq Jahangiri, one of the six candidates for the Iranian presidential election expressed his viewpoints on the country’s current affairs on Iranian state TV on Saturday.

The main points he referred to are as follow:
1. The Islamic Revolution is almost 40 years old now. During this period, Iran has achieved quite a bit.
2. Iran has fully safeguarded its territorial integrity.
3. The Islamic Republic has created a situation in which people are proud of their national and religious identity.
4. We have had shortcomings, as well; fluctuations in economic growth and inflation rates are instances of those.
5. Addressing problems in unprivileged regions is one of the most important causes of the Islamic Republic. And the system has done a great deal to improve those regions; in some related indexes we see 40, 50 and 100 percent growth.
6. Hundreds of thousands of people were martyred, injured and disabled to defend the country and security. Many of whom could have planned a bright future for themselves. It’s a bounden duty of the government to pay attention to this part of the society.
7. The security of the country is of high priority to us, especially against the enemy who has openly stood against Iran since the revolution.
8. The military budget has quadrupled in the past 5 years.
9. National unity and authority is the biggest capital we have. We rely on people against any foreign threat, including the US.
10. The enemies had imposed a hard situation on us but the JCPOA was a heroic flexibility to pass the bottleneck.
11. In the aspect of security, the UN Security Council considered us a danger. JCPOA changed the negative atmosphere to an amicable one.
12. Before the JCPOA, the world powers had deprived us of our right to use peaceful nuclear power.
13. 70 percent of the sources of particle pollution are located out of Iran, mostly in Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. We got the UN to help us in this matter. We also need to plant trees in some parts and mulch some other areas inside Iran.
14. To avoid financial corruption, the government’s transparency should increase.