Envoy says Iran backs Iraq until ultimate victory

Tehran Times – The newly appointed Iranian ambassador to Iraq has said Tehran will continue to back the Iraqi government in the fight against terrorism until “ultimate victory” is achieved. 

“Iran will continue its support for the Iraqi government, army, and al-Hashd al-Shaabi until ultimate victory is achieved,” Iraj Masjedi said on Saturday, Tasnim news agency reported.

Iran was the first country rushing to assist Iraq as ISIS militants ravaged through vast swaths of the Iraqi territory in June 2014, catching the central government off guard.

On future ties with the neighboring Arab country, Ambassador Masjedi emerged very positive, predicting a bright future for ties between Tehran and Baghdad in political, economic, cultural, social, and security areas.

“Iran and Iraq need each other and I see the prospect of the relations very positive,” the envoy stressed.

Iran supports the participation of the so-called al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces, who have proven influential in fighting terrorists.

The forces have brought important extra firepower to the battle in Mosul, where a battle has been underway for the past six months to retake the city from ISIS.