Jaberi Ansari & Lavrentiev

Senior Iranian, Russian officials discuss Syria developments

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari and visiting Russian President’s Special Envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev in a meeting on Thursday discussed Syria developments.

The two officials conferred on latest developments in the fight against terrorists in Syria including the new stances of countries involved in the conflict.

The two officials explored avenues for consolidation and prolonging of the truce in Syria and in the meantime for facilitation of political dialogue to end the crisis in the war-torn region.

Jaberi Ansari and Lavrentiev headed Iranian and Russian delegations in the Astana talks.

The fourth rounds of Astana talks are expected to be held in the Kazakhstan capital on May 3-4.

Lavrentiev arrived in Iran on Thursday morning and had already met with Secretary of Supreme National Security Ali Shamkhani.