Gasoline unit of Bandar Abbas refinery ready for startup

Shana — Iran is ready to launch a Euro-4 petrol production unit at Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery that will add 3 million liters to the country’s daily production capacity.

The project is being prepared for startup and will soon be officially inaugurated, director of the refinery said.

The unit comprises four main sections, namely, heavy naphtha refining, octane enhancer, catalysts regenerator and stabilizer sections.

The Naphtha Hydrotreating Process (NHT) section of the unit became operational in February, Hashem Namvar said.

The gasoline production unit of Bandar Abbas Refinery has been developed with a daily production capacity of 25,000 barrels, i.e. three million liters per day of Euro-4 gasoline, he said.

This will bring the refinery’s daily gasoline output to 12 million liters of gasoline per day.