Reinventing Reality: Saudi Arabia says it did not declare war on Yemen

American Herald Tribune l Catherine Shakdam: If politicians and state officials – wherever they may be, and whatever line they may toe, have a propensity to distort facts to promote their narrative, it is not often that one comes across an individual willing to completely and utterly deny reality to rise in its stead a fantasy … Once again we must bow to the sheer lunacy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world’s most vindictive, cruel, and downright loon theocratic nightmare humanity has ever come up against.

I will admit, when it comes to the kingdom – that Wahhabist abomination that world powers insist on protecting for the sake of their own geopolitical reach, I am never short of adjectives or colourful turns of phrase.

From where I’m sitting Saudi Arabia has no redeeming quality, no saving grace that could allow for reform and certainly no desire to see past the bloodshed to maybe find a reasonable compromise forward. Riyadh’s hands are much too bloody for anyone to entertain the idea of salvation … It is reckoning many are clamouring for; none louder than the Yemenis since it is their land and their children who have suffered the blade of al-Saud tyranny.

But back to Saudi Arabia’s latest attempt to fly delusion’s  flag while calling it truth.

In a televised interview with RT, Dr Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabiah, who is the Supervisor General of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief (KSRELIEF) said Riyadh “did not actually attack” the country. The official noted that the air campaign which has contributed to the deepening chaos in Yemen according to various rights groups, has in fact been provoked by the failed political process in the war-torn state.

“We should look at the truth,”Al Rabiah said before negating that his country went to war against Yemen! How is that working for you if I may ask?

So if Riyadh did not declare a vengeful, brutal and bloody unilateral war on Yemen what is it the the kingdom has been engaged in since March 2015? Has Riyadh unloaded bonbons on Yemen so that its people would learn to rhyme peace with Wahhabism?

Have we all dreamt the vicious butchering of civilians and systematic attacks on one nation’s sovereign rights so that Wahhabism could imprint its hateful ideology and turn the Arabian Peninsula into a cesspit for all things exclusionist?

Sitting pretty on his chair Al Rabiah went on to justify Saudi Arabia’s intervention by alleging that “small groups” were responsible for the chaos and that if not for this “5 percent” Yemen would have been a happy democracy ruled by a democratically elected government under the approving gaze of the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council). What is it with Saudi Arabian officials and fairy tales?

However loudly the kingdom will assert Yemen’s transition of power post Ali Abdullah Saleh was on track, reality and facts speak a different truth altogether. If Yemen was indeed on track it was really on Saudi Arabia’s tracks and not its own.

More to the point there was nothing democratic about Yemen 2012 presidential elections … and twice-resigned President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s betrayal of the National Dialogue Agreement was what prompted the infamous “5 percent” to rise Yemen’s flag and demand their republic back.

Hadi ran in a one-man presidential race … how does this qualify as democratic? How can anyone argue popular will or even Yemen’s inherent right to political self-determination when their popular uprising (2011) was manned by foreign powers? If memory serves me right it was under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood – formerly Riyadh’s puppet in the region, that Yemen defied Saleh’s government and called for a change of the guards.

Whether Riyadh cares to admit or not it is its meddling within Yemen’s internal affairs that brought this nation to the brink of despair and in the pit watched a people fall.

As for the 5 percent, Mr Al Rabiah may want to brush up on his algebra … Yemen’s Resistance Movement is not exactly a minority. How could it be when it has survived a military coalition of 30 something powers against its ranks?

Is Riyadh arguing that some of the world’s military superpowers have been taught a grand lesson in resistance by a minority rag-tag army whose lacks popular support?

Would it not be more accurate to look at the truth Mr Al Rabiah and finally admit that the kingdom made a catastrophic mistake by opposing Yemen’s will? There are people sir that simply cannot take a knee to injustice and absolutely will rise Freedom’s flag until their last.

Yemen has a right to its resistance movement. Yemen has a right to its borders, its traditions, its future and its history. Before Yemen’s sovereignty there could be no debate and no argument.

Exceptionalism holds not before popular will … it simply does not.

I find telling Saudi Arabia’s need to wash its murderous hands from the blood of the innocent by arguing its stand legitimate and non-belligerent when its planes still darken Yemen’s skies. Others too have toed that line, claiming victimhood away from their victims so that lambs be labelled wolves and tyrants righteous men of peace.

Can we not allow for the ugly, the insane and the crazy to reinvent reality?

Saudi Arabia cannot write itself away from the many grave crimes it committed against Yemen … not after the ignominy it rained on its communities.

So no Mr Al Rabiah no one really wants to hear what your country has to say when we could instead watch your government attend La Hague.