IRGC acts as ‘security shield’: Armed Forces chief of staff

IRNA – IRGC corps have shielded the security of Iranian people as well as the Islamic Ummah with standing by the Islamic resilience in Syria and Iraq, says Armed Forces chief of staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri.

“The ‘epic’ and ‘decisive’ role of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), after four decades, indicates they have sacrificed their lives in the high-risk fields of the eight-year defensive war with Iraq and now by supporting the Islamic resilience of Syria and Iraq as a ‘security shield’ of Iranian people and also Islamic Ummah,” said Major General Bagheri.

He also made a reference to Imam Khomeini’s quotation, “If there were no IRGC, there would be no remnant of Iran.”

Congratulating on the anniversary of founding IRGC, April 22, he referred to the emergence of a ‘strategic gap’ in the ‘global power geometry’ after Iran’s Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini’s forethought of establishing ‘authoritative’ institutions risen form the ‘revolution’ and the ‘people’ stressing the naming of IRGC as God’s blessing.

The founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini in an order to the Council of the Islamic Revolution, announced the official establishment of IRGC on April 22, 1979.