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Iran condemns terrorist attack in Paris

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi here on Friday denounced Thursday night’s terrorist attack in Paris and expressed sympathy with families of the perished people of the bitter event.

In a message in his Telegram Channel, Qasemi said that unfortunately the appeasement and supporting the criminal terrorists received from the West double standards in dealing with terrorism have egged them on to conduct more terror operations in the heart of Europe.

According to media report, one French police officer was shot dead and two others were injured in Paris in a terrorist attack claimed by the Daesh terrorist group.

The Thursday evening attack took place in the city’s Champs-Elysees district, which is hugely popular with tourists and shoppers. It saw the assailant getting off a car and opening fire at officers inside another vehicle.

“Once again we stress that terrorism is the first and most immediate threat to the peace, stability and global security that only could be eliminated through a common understanding, strong and sincere will of the international community,” he added.

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