Wahhabi Barbarism in Syria; The Foua and Kafarya massacre

American Herald Tribune |Thomas C. Mountain: On the Saturday before Easter, Christianity’s most holy festival, a Wahhabi fanatic committed an act of barbarism against the Syrian peoples of Foua and Kefraya when they detonated a car bomb and massacred over 120 civilians, more than half of whom were children.

There have been many numerically worse massacres in Syria or Iraq for that matter, but the murder of the Shi’ite villagers from Foua and Kafarya has come to symbolize the nature of most of the Syrian “rebels” as practicing a most virulently infectious form of the most fanatical and backward variant of Islam, Wahhabism.

Those murdered were part of a negotiated exchange of communities, both rebel and pro-government, where by thousands of people surrounded by hostile forces and trapped without food, water or medicine in their homes for years of the Syrian war would be evacuated to safety.

The rebel fighters whom were escorting the busses of Shi’ite villagers supposedly until they reached government lines broke their commitment and abandoned them helpless short of their destination. Trapped and defenseless it was just a matter of time before the local Wahhabists carried out mass murder.

The deliberate, knowing slaughter of children is more characteristic of a state of barbarism than any sort of civilized behavior and the dehumanized state the killers had reached could be blamed on war, for such crimes are not that uncommon. But in this case it represents a pattern of behavior directly related to a fanatic religious cult whose origins lie in a people living a most desperate existence in the Arabian desert, one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet.

The House of Saud, nomadic Bedouins of the Arabian peninsula and Wahhabi fanatics were chosen by the British almost a century ago to be a bulkwark against the spread of Bolshevism, working class revolution after WW1 in south west Asia. The British also installed Wahhabist regimes in Bahrain, Qatar and the Arab Emirates, many times over the objections of the indigenous Shi’ite inhabitants.

With the discovery of major oil fields in the Arabian peninsula the Saudis began to finance, with the quiet acquiescence of the western powers, the spread of their fanaticism internationally. They did this through funding religious centers, either mosques or madrassas or religious schools in some of the more backward regions of Asia and Africa.

When governments fail to provide education for their people, a basic human right, and the only schools available to send you sons to are madrassas funded by the Wahhabi fanatics, it is only to be expected that this virulent form of reactionary religious extremism will set roots down deep into societies already existing in what can only be described as failed states.

From these centers of fanaticism the seeds of religious intolerance and violence spread to even western countries where disaffected individuals alienated by the racism and corruption inherent in many countries, including Europe, flocked to the fanatics banner and the result is the mass murder experienced by innocent children from the Syrian villages of Foua and Kafarya.

The fact that those carrying out mass murder of children are receiving support directly from the Wahhabist reactionaries on the Arabian peninsula as well as from western powers puts a lie to the claims of concern for Syrian lives when Tomahawk missiles rain down on their homes leaving even more innocent Syrian children blown to bits.

While the Syrian government seems to finally be winning the Syrian war this leaves the extreme wing of the fanatics increasingly desperate so we should expect more mass bloodshed as that delivered against the innocent children of Foua and Kafarya. Until the barbaric infection known as Wahhabism is brought to heal by the concerted efforts of people of good will internationally we should be prepared for more such crimes being committed in a growing number of countries internationally.