Bahram Qassemi

Iran hopeful on prisoners exchange with Turkmenistan

IRNA- Iran’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman expressed hope on Monday that Foreign Minister visit to Turkmenistan would lead to implementing the prisoners exchange between the two countries.

Bahram Qassemi in the Foreign Ministry’s weekly news conference, answering a question regarding the reasons of not implementing prisoners exchange between Iran and Turkmenistan, said, ‘The ratified bills are one thing, and implementing them within foreign relations is something else; the issue is still on the consulate table of the Foreign Ministry.’

Qassemi expressed hope that Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif could solve the problem in his visit to Turkmenistan, and the complicated process which had been rather prolonged would lead to a conclusion soon.

Zarif as a part of his three-day tour to three Central Asian and Caucasian countries, today arrived in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan’s capital.

As to why Kuwait Foreign Minister’s visit to Iran carrying a message from the country’s Emir three months ago, as well as President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Kuwait have not resulted in significant development in Iran’s ties with the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s members, Qassemi said that Iran’s approach toward its neighbors is based on constructive and balanced relations.

He added, ‘We have ties with all countries, except a couple of them, with which we are facing some problems, and we hope that their realistic approach can put the ties between Iran and the Persian Gulf countries back on a more positive track in order that we can work collectively to promote the peace and stability of the region.