Commander: Iran exports sniper guns, mounts night vision systems on helicopters

FNA – Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari announced that the country exports different types of sniper guns to foreign states, and said the Army’s Airborne helicopters are being equipped with night vision systems.

“The Ground Force has turned into a pole in the country in producing certain weapons, including sniper guns, and we manufactured two ‘Shaher’ and ‘Baher’ sniper guns in the past as samples which were successful projects and today these weapons have been mass-produced and have even been exported to foreign states,” Heidari told FNA on Monday.

He also referred to the Ground Force’s plans to further modernize helicopters, and said, “Based on the plan, all (Army) Airborne helicopters should be able to fly at night, navigate and attack the targets and that’s why they are being equipped with night vision systems.”

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Iranian Army Airborne Commander General Yousef Qorbani announced that the country’s helicopters are being equipped with night vision systems.

“The night vision systems are being mounted on helicopters and it will be displayed on April 18 (the National Army Day) and we will have night flights,” General Qorbani told reporters in a press conference in Tehran.

Stressing that Iran doesn’t import any military parts from foreign states, he said that the country’s experts have overhauled a large number of helicopters whose details will be declared soon.

General Qorbani also underlined that the combat power of the Iranian Army’s Airborne forces will also increase in the current Iranian year (started on March 21).