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US not fit to comment on human rights: Official

IRNA – Deputy Secretary General of High Council for Human Rights and Judicial Cooperation, Kazem Gharib Abadi said that the United States is not well qualified to speak about human rights.

Gharib Abadi made the remarks in reaction to US sanctions imposed on an Iranian judicial official and an entity affiliated to State Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures Organization.

He condemned US measures, saying that the United States is not a competent country to make remarks on human rights and to accuse counties like Iran which are themselves the victims of human rights.

US is facing human rights violation inside and outside borders and releasing reports on human rights condition in other countries and providing sanction list aims at diverting the public opinion, he said.

Iranian official pointed to lack of fair hearing, torture, violence, murder, enforced disappearance, discrimination, racism, Islamophobia, genocide, women, children and workers’ rights violations, illegal restrictions on the civil and social liberties, supporting those carrying out crime in Yemen as their strategic friends as US human rights violation chain.

Referring to regrettable condition of US prisons with over 2.5 million prisoners and also the misconduct against them, he said that prisons in the United States have turned out to a place to keep lower classes of the society.

Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi also said that US government’s holding interventionist policies, more than anything else, is a smokescreen for its human rights’ problems inside the US and an attempt to divert public opinion from their crimes and support for systematic human rights violations in some of its regional allies that have innumerable human rights black marks, especially the Zionist regime.

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