Iran not supporting terror in Pakistan: Embassy

The Nation – Iranian embassy in Pakistan on Friday said that Iran was not involved in promoting terrorism in Pakistan as the two countries enjoyed historic ties.

A spokesperson of the embassy, while reacting to the speculations of Iran’s terror links after the arrest and conviction of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav said that Iran “strongly rejects unfounded rumours being circulated in the media during recent days about linking the activities of some miscreants with some Iranian organizations.”

In a statement released by the embassy, the spokesperson added: “Iran deems that dissemination of such baseless matters has the objective to tarnish the public opinion and [was] contrary to the spirit of friendship and brotherhood [that exists] between the two nations.”

Earlier, former German ambassador to Pakistan Gunter Mulack claimed that Kulbhushan Jadhav was caught by Taliban in Iran and then allegedly sold to Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The German diplomat however later said that he could be wrong in this regard because what he stated was on the basis of hearsay. Pakistan and Iran also see the Saudi-led military alliance against terrorism differently.

The Saudi-led alliance – to be led by former army chief Gen Raheel Sharif – was formed by Saudi Arabia in December 2015 with its headquarters in Riyadh.

Iran had objected to the formation of the alliance fearing it was a Sunni-alliance rather than a Muslim alliance.

But Pakistan has told Iran it will not become part of any grouping against Iran as it believed in close ties with its neighbour.

Islamabad has been trying to convince Tehran that the Saudi-led military alliance was not sectarian.

This month, Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua said that Pakistan had no tension with Iran, adding the Saudi-led military alliance was not against any country but terrorism.

Janjua said there was no change of policy on relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“Pakistan has the same policy. We have no border issues with Iran and our border with Iran is friendly,” she said.

The Iranian embassy spokesperson said: “It goes without saying that such untrue stories are not commensurate with trajectory of expanding bilateral relations in all spheres between [the] two friendly and brotherly countries of Iran and Pakistan.”

In Tehran this month, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qasemi had condemned the recent wave of terrorism in Pakistan.

Qasemi said that as long as long as a number of regional states sought their interests in spread of instability, terrorism and extremism, “there would be no hope for rooting out the cancerous tumour of terrorism.”