Iran attends Int’l Meeting on Afghanistan in Moscow

IRNA – Third International Meeting on Afghanistan was held in Moscow on Friday with representatives of several countries including Iran in attendance.

The International Meeting on Afghanistan was held at the level of deputy foreign ministers and special envoys from Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Russian Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that US representative was also invited to the event but they did not take part for unknown reasons.

The main topic of the meeting was coordinating regional efforts to help advance national reconciliation in Afghanistan in a bid to establish peace and stability in the country soon.

The statement further noted that participants in the meeting expressed concern over escalation of terroristic moves in the country which are leading to a surge in bloodshed and problems.

The meeting also underlined that Afghanistan crisis has no military solution and the only possible way for addressing the situation in the country is getting access to national reconciliation through diplomatic approaches on the basis of UN Security Council’s resolutions.

Participants also reaffirmed their support to the Afghan government and political and social forces in line with establishing peace and security and voiced their full readiness for helping Kabul in the field.

They also urged Taliban to give up armed conflict and turn to direct dialogue with the Afghan government to help achieve peace in the country.

Second Meeting on Afghanistan attended by Russia, Pakistan, China, India, Iran and Afghanistan was held in Moscow late in 2016.