Ali Asghar Ahmadi

1,636 candidates file for Iran’s presidential elections: Official

IRNA – Few hours after a five-day time to register for Iran’s upcoming presidential elections came to an end, Head of the Elections Headquarters Ali-Asghar Ahmadi said that totally 1,636 candidates filed for the elections.

Registration for presidential elections began on April 11 and ended at 18:00 hours local time on Saturday.

137 out of the 1,636 candidates are women and the remaining 1,499 are men, Ahmadi told reporters.

The youngest person who has registered is 18 years old with the oldest one being 92, the official said.

The final list of the candidates eligible to run for Iran’s 12th round of presidential election is expected to be announced by the Interior Ministry on April 26–27.

Election campaign will officially begin on April 28 and end on May 17. The Election Day is on May 19.