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Iran’s diplomatic mission in Egypt: Claims for Iran’s support of terrorists in Sinai ‘ridiculous’

MNA– The Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Egypt issued a statement on Thursday rejecting the claims that Iran has supported terrorists in Sinai and described the news hype as a measure to deviate attentions from terrorist attack on Egyptian churches.

“Iran has spared no efforts to fight Takfiri terrorists and to persuade the world to stand against the inhumane activities of the terrorists,” reads the statement released by the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Egypt. The diplomatic mission issued the announcement on Thursday after some news outlets, which according to the announcement are connected to Saudi Arabia, or affected by the ‘Zionist magazine of Israeli Defense’ to instill the idea that Iran is arming the terrorists in Sinai.

The same statement describes the video released by terrorists, which has been used as an evidence for the claim, as suspicious and the claims as ridiculous and false. Saying that the source of these ‘untrue fabrications’ is ‘Israeli Defense magazine,’ the announcement articulates that ‘some biased Saudi media had previously spread anti-Iran news from the same source’.

The statement also underlines ‘the Islamic Republic of Iran’s overt, fixed, and permanent stances against terrorist and Zionist groups like ISIL and its sub-branches in different countries like Syria, Iraq, and Egypt’.

“The main purpose behind releasing such a video and fabricating such news by Saudi-Zionist media at the current stage of time,” according to the statement released by the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Egypt, “is to deviate the public opinion of the elites in the Arab and Islamic World from the main ideological, financial, and arms sponsors of the perpetrators of the terrorist and savage explosions at Egyptian churches against innocent citizens.”

“The nature of the alliance between the sinister triangle of Zionist regime, some Arab countries, and Takfiri terrorists, which is determined to create and suspend anarchy and insecurity in the region and the world to weaken and disintegrate the big Islamic countries of the region, is now known to everybody and such baseless and amateur news fabrications or repeating them will never change the bitter and regretful fact that some Arab countries have joined the Zionist regime in bid to sabotage the stability and security of some countries of the region and it highlights the necessity of elites’ and media’s watchfulness not to fall in such media hype of satanic and deceitful nature.”

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