The US aggression against Syria

American Herald Tribune |Ludwig Watzal: The attack on Syria is the result of a power struggle within the Trump administration in order to save his shattered presidency.  The attack on Syria is a sideshow to give way to domestic pressure.

There is still some hope that the US war hawks and the terror alliance in Syria may not have dragged the US into the Syrian quagmire. So far, there hasn’t been any evidence presented that the Syrian government used Sarin gas against its own people. President Bashar al-Assad is not as stupid as Western media propaganda outlets want to make the public believe.

How come that Donald Trump was so carried away by this attack that he ordered a military strike against Syrian military installations, knowing that this country doesn’t possess any chemical weapons at all? The United Nations and the Obama administration approved of it.  Even President Obama wasn’t that naive when the terrorist organizations in Syria attacked the people with chemical weapons years ago in order to inspire the US to side with the terrorist forces.

 It has been unprecedented that an incoming US administration was so massively attacked by the media, former Obama officials, parts of the intelligence community, i. e. the Deep State, and its own party higher echelons. They took every action to derail the Trump administration or push him towards an aggressive anti-Russian stance. Their frustration about the defeat of their war darling Hillary Clinton was so deep to stick at nothing.

It’s just crazy how Democrats are fighting the Republican nominee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch. It seems as if they want to lynch him. After decades, he would be the first Protestant on the bench. Four of the sitting judge are catholic, the other four are Jewish. Wasn’t the US once considered a WASP-country? When I was studying at the U of Penn during the mid-seventieth, the WASP-question was still a relevant political issue. For an outsider, the image that the American democracy provides to the world is just chilling and not worth copying.

The main concern of the corporate media and their political string-pullers are not the poisoned people in Syria, they were only instruments to push Trump and his administration on a confrontational course against Russia. They have politically neutralized his more or less indifferent stance towards Russia. After Security adviser Michael Flynn was brought down by the Deep State, the next victim will be Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist. The loss of his seat in the security council will be the beginning of the end of his career in the White House.

All his other appointees such as the Secretary of Defense or State, UN-Ambassador Haley, Security adviser McMaster are turning out to be dyed-in-the-wool reactionary neocons. It seems as if Trump has arrived in the political corrupt world of the Belt Way swamp that he wanted to drain! Trump has delivered the first shot in Syria such as LBJ in the Gulf of Tonkin or George W. Bush in Iraq. That Trump gets applauded by warmongers like McCain, Lindsey Graham or neoconservative hard-liners should not surprise anybody because they want to fight further wars.

Trump is still in trouble about the alleged Russian hacking. This spin has been invented since the Podesta and Clinton emails were published by WikiLeaks that showed the criminal energy of the leading democrats. Trump is already so powerless that he can’t even stop these internal machinations of his own intelligence agencies that want to bring him down. So far, there hasn’t been any evidence presented, and at the end, there won’t be.  Trump is already so powerless that he can’t even cause an indictment against Clinton by the FBI. She and her family business, the so-called Clinton foundation, is a money-laundering outfit for her own benefit.

Didn’t major Trump officials stated just recently that they didn’t want to topple President Al-Asad? His government handed over all his chemical stockpile to the Russians after the terrorists used sarin gas the first time. So far, none of the investigations by the biased Western organizations came up with any reliable evidence. On the other side, the Western propaganda outlets such as CNN, BBC, New York Times and others recycle the mere speculations over and over again till they sound as facts. It’s the same old story as about the alleged influence of the US elections or the hacking of the Clinton emails by Russia.  All bogus and no facts!

It’s well known that the so-called good terrorists have chemical weapons. These guys are best friends of the US, the Israelis, the Saudis, and the other Arab regimes that the Trump administration is cozying up to. Trump doesn’t mind that the Saudis are killing Yemenis by the tenth of thousands. But as I said, it’s not about the victims, it’s about power politics of the US Empire and not about personal feelings of Trump towards Putin. Finally, Trump has grasped it, and he will go the way of war, and the Democrats will be all for it like they were for the so-called war on terror that George W. Bush proclaimed in 2001 when the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition and not by Islamist terrorists.

Even in Germany, and this is something to be said, there were voices within Merkel’s CDU who questioned the use of chemical weapons by Assad. Chancellor Merkel, however, put the sole blame on Assad. It’s no surprise, Merkel is a political slave to the US. Although President Obama eavesdropped her and other European heads of states, the only trivial comment was: “Eavesdropping among friends is a no-go”! After Obama made his farewell visit to Germany in order to put Merkel at odds with the Trump administration, they went for a tete-a-tete in a fancy restaurant in Berlin.

Merkel belongs to the hard-liners in Europe who calls for further sanctions against Russia. She has an anti-Russian bias because of her upbringing in East Germany. The former German President Joachim Gauck was also a Russophobe. Although large parts of the ruling political class in Germany are Russophobe, the majority of the German people are not, despite the decade-long anti-communist propaganda that brainwashed the public.

That the US attack on Syria violates international law goes without saying. But the US does only care about international law when it suits its goals. President Vladimir Putin is right to criticize US violations of international treaties but he still hopes that the Trump administration would not fall back on the ant-Russian position of the Obama and the Clinton years. It seems as if the domestic pressure has been so strong that President Trump chooses confrontation over cooperation.