Maj. Gen. Bagheri: US missile attack seeks to ‘restore morale of terrorists’

MNA – Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces has told Syrian counterpart US attacks seek to restore the morale of terrorists which had been in its zenith following defeats on the ground in Syria.

Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri and General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub military commander and current Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army talked over the phone the recent US missile strike on Syrian al-Shayrat Airbase near Homs.

Bagheri condemned the US act as blatant violation of the borders of a sovereign nation and against international conventions; he also paid homage to the victims of the attack and other fallen soldiers of Syrian army in the fight against terrorism; “chemical attack in Idlib, as horrible it is, is subject to doubts and possibly it was a measure to implicate Syrian government and people in yet another subterfuge; we believe that an international independent fact-finding committee should look into the issue,” said the general, “the Islamic Republic of Iran deems it an honor to fight in side of the Resistance and Syria in their battle against terrorists and strongly believes that the final triumph will be with the forces of the righteous,” he added.

His Syrian counterpart Gen. Ali Ayoub hailed Iran’s position and support for his forces; “Iran’s commitment to Syria and its hindsight had been a strong bedrock on which our battle stays; Iran and Syrian had been historically allies and we had succeeded in foiling many threats in recent decades,” said commander over the phone.

“US missile strike failed to demoralize Syrian soldiers and army, but did give them strong spirit to fight terrorism,” Ayoub added.
Both sides agreed that Iran and Syria would continue working closely in defeating terrorism and that terrorists had been on the edge of a steep cliff and only did the US missile attack restore their morale; “however, we believe the ultimate success will be with Resistance front and crushing defeat will ever await terrorists,” was their final verdict.