Iran’s MRL team comes 1st at RoboCup IranOpen 201​7

MNA – The Iranian MRL team from Qazvin Islamic Azad University won the championship title by obtaining six top places at the 12th RoboCup Iran Open competitions. 

The 12th RoboCup Iran Open competitions, known as RoboCup IranOpen 201​7, were held at Tehran International Fair on April ​​5-​​7, 201​​7 with participation of various teams from 14 countries. The MRL-QIAU team came first by winning top places in six different leagues. The team was also the champion in IranOpen 2016.

In Humanoid Adult Size League, IRC from Ilkhchi Islamic Azad University of Tabriz won first place, while ZJUDancer from China and MRL-HSL from QIAU came in first and second place in Kid Size League. FUmanoids – Berlin United from Germany won third place in this league. In Teen Size, Unbounded Designers from Islamic Azad University of Isfahan won first place.

In RoboCup Soccer Standard Platform League, Nao-Team HTWK from Germany won first place, while MRL-SPL from QIAU won second and Dutch Nao Team from the Netherlands won third place. In Robocup Soccer Middle Size Robot League, MRL won first place. Zjunlict from China won first place in Small Size while ER-Force from Germany won second place and Parsian from Amirkabir University won third place.

MRL won other top places in [email protected] and IranOpenUAV – Indoor.

Teams from US, Singapore, China, Germany, and Netherlands were among other winners in this edition of the Robocup Iran Open competitions.

Speaking at the event’s closing ceremony on Friday, Iranian Deputy FM Abbas Araghchi stressed that scientific capabilities will lead to further successes on the international scene. He also praised the good advancement of the country in the fields of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and robotics at the international arena.