Bahram Qassemi

Iran slams terror attack in Sweden

MNA – Spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, while condemning the Stockholm truck attack, said uprooting terrorism required serious determination, honesty and global consensus.

Bahram Ghasemi, Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, slammed the Friday terror attack in the Swedish capital which left a number of innocent people dead and injured and expressed sympathy to the government and people of Sweden as well as survivors of the terrorist crime.

Amid the euphoria of some Western and Arabic countries over blatant intrusion of the US on Syria, which marked an evident effort revitalize half-dead body of terrorism in the region, we observed criminal act of a trainee in ‘school of bigotry, insanity and destruction’ in Europe. The brutal incident revealed how unbridled terrorism, overtly and covertly backed by some countries, crosses all human, ideological and geographical boundaries and brings insecurity and instability to the world.

FM Spokesman Ghasemi reiterated that eradication of the scourge of terrorism was impossible except through serious determination, honesty and global consensus.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a victim of terrorism and a country which has spared no effort over the years in the fight against the evil phenomenon, is ready for any partnership within regional and international mechanisms that seeks to fight against terror and violence away from common hypocritical policies,” he underlined.