Tehran rejects British PM’s anti-Iran allegations

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that arms sales to the aggressors who kill innocent people in the region, especially in the ongoing unequal war in Yemen, is not consistent with the claims recently made by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The British premier is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Qasemi made his remarks while reacting to May’s anti-Iran statements in Saudi Arabia.

The spokesman regretted this is not the first time that the British prime minister preferred falseness to truth.

“The repeated and unfounded statements in accusing Iran of causing instability in the region are made at a time when it seems that she (May) has forgotten her position and responsibility and closed her eyes to global developments and ignored the fact that a major portion of instability and backwardness of the region have been originated from the colonial, expansionist and injustice policies of her predecessors as well as their allies in aggression and inflaming wars in the regional countries,” Qasemi said.

He further noted that there is no doubt that Iran’s efforts and firm resolve to help ensure security, stability and peace in the volatile region “are transparent, precise and based on wisdom and in line with fighting against terrorism and hostility.”

“May’s discriminatory allegations are made at a time when Iran’s crucial role in supporting security, peace and stability of the countries affected by terrorism is known by all,” he said.

“Iran strongly condemns such allegations which are aimed at winning financial support from certain regional states and expects London officials to come to terms with realities and rectify theirs wrong stances using their numerous experience on the Persian Gulf region,” Qasemi concluded.