Iran’s naval forces to go to Atlantic again: Commander

Tasnim – Iran’s Navy commander unveiled plans for the renewed presence of the country’s naval forces in the Atlantic Ocean in the current Iranian year, which began on March 21.

In a meeting with Navy Central Command staff on Wednesday, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari outlined the Navy’s plans for the new Iranian year, including the dispatch of forces to the Atlantic Ocean for the second year in a row.

He also unveiled plans for further development of Makran coasts, southeast of Iran, and production of new military vessels in the current Iranian year.

In November 2016, the Navy’s 44th flotilla of warships sailed around the African continent and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

Comprised of Bushehr logistic warship and Alvand destroyer, the flotilla had sailed around the African continent and docked at the Port of Durban before arriving in the Atlantic.

The Navy commander has made it clear that military presence in international waters is aimed at demonstrating the Islamic Republic’s power and extending a message of peace and friendship.