Former CIA Director warns against Trump’s immigration order

IRNA – Former CIA Director John Brennan, criticizing Trump’s order on immigrants’ ban, particularly aimed at six Muslim countries, warned that the order aftermath could be devastating for the U.S national security.

This is not going to do any good for the American security, said Brennan in an interview with BBC on Monday night.

He also said that Trump’s confrontation with the U.S intelligence services may lead to break the spirit and weaken recruitment in these organizations.

Referring to Trump’s indirect verbal attacks on CIA and FBI, he said why should members of the security organization sacrifice themselves if their efforts are not appreciated.

It would be too soon to pronounce or rule out anything about Trump and Moscow secret contacts, he said.

Trump’s immigrant’s ban order has been facing widespread criticisms by the experts and intellectuals and many have doubted if there are any terroristic threats by the six countries mentioned in the order.

His order stops the citizens of the six countries including Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria from entering the U.S for a period of 90 days as well as suspension of the asylum seekers’ permission for 120 days besides reduction of quota of yearly acceptance of them to 50 thousand.

Later the order was suspended by some Federal Judges in California and also quashed by the Appeal Court.

It is still suspended by a Federal Judge from Hawaii due to what is called religious discrimination which is contrary to the U.S Constitution.