Basij forces should help government, Iran commander says

April 4, The Iran Project – Iran’s senior Basij official has stressed the significance of Basij on the continuation of Islamic Revolution, saying volunteer forces should help the government.

Addressing members of the Basij Volunteer Force (The Organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed) on Tuesday, Brigadier General Gholamhossein Gheibparvar said since Iran-Iraq imposed war, voluntary forces have proven that the progress of the Islamic revolution depends on their permanent presence in various scenes.

He noted that Basij Volunteer Force should try more than ever since the dangers threatening the Islamic Revolution are increasingly complicated so we should update our capacities accordingly.

The Iranian commander also emphasized on the importance of Basij and government’s cooperation, adding that we are ready to help the government.

Elsewhere in his remarks,  Brigadier General Gholamhossein Gheibparvar said that Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Basij Volunteer Forces should not favor any party in Iran’s 12th presidential elections but they should help people to select the proper candidate.

Iranians will go to the polls on May 19 to take part in the country’s 12th presidential election and also to elect members of local city and village councils for the fifth time.