58 countries attend Fajr Int’l Film Festival

IRNA – The 35th Iran’s Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) will host 140 long and short movies from 58 world countries in the upcoming days.

Iran with 35 and France with 17 films have presented the highest number of movies to the FIFF slated for April 21-28.

Spain, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Turkey have taken part in the FIFF with six films; the US, China, Lithonia and Poland with four; Czech Republic with three and Egypt, Estonia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and Britain with two.

Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Croatia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Moldavia, Indonesia, Iraq, Canada, Jordan, Finland, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ukraine and UAE have participated in the FIFF with one movie.

Also, some films presented to the festival have beem produced jointly by two or more countries.