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Iran top cleric offers three ways to counter Daesh

Ayatollah Nasser makarem shirazi

April 3, The Iran Project – A senior Iranian cleric refers to “eradicating intellectual roots of terrorism”, “political dialogue”, and “confrontation” as three solutions to combat terrorist groups including Daesh.

Terrorist groups, especially Daesh, are not only dangerous to the Muslim community but to the whole world, Ayatollah Nasser Makarem-Shirazi said in a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Zsolt Semjén on Monday.

He added that fighting against terrorism is a human issue so we should try to eradicate it.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he stressed that terrorism has no place in Islam, and slammed Americans who call Daesh, an Islamic State.

Daesh is neither a state nor Islamic and all Muslim scholars agree that such groups are alien to Islam, the senior Iranian cleric said.

He also pointed to the issue of Islamophobia which is being promoted by the foreign media, saying they are introducing Iran as a supporter of terrorists while the country is at the forefront of fighting against these groups.

Finally, he expressed hope that the Hungarian delegation could convey the message to Europe that Iran is totally different from what the foreign media trying to show the world.

Heading a Hungarian high-ranking delegation, Zsolt Semjen Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, arrived in Tehran Saturday evening for some high-profile political meetings.

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