Protecting Islamic government requires political, economic preparation: Major cleric

IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said on Friday protecting the Islamic Republic of Iran requires political, economic, and military preparedness.

Addressing Friday prayers at Imam Khomeini Mussala in Tehran, he said dealing with the enemies’ cultural inroads should also be regarded as parts of this campaign to protect the country.

‘Today, we are in dire need of maintaining the country’s political readiness to protect the Islamic government and martyrs’ blood,’ said Ayatollah Khatami.

‘Peoples’ massive turnout in the upcoming Presidential, Majlis and City Councils elections indicates to what extent people have maintained the political preparation,’ Khatami said.

‘Former US president in his elections campaign claimed they have imposed the most unprecedented sanctions in the past 100 years against Iran and this shows that we should be well prepared in dealing with economic wars ahead,’ Khatami said.

‘The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as the open eyes of the Iranian nation, many years ago diagnosed the problem and called for devising a policy based on “Resistance Economy” to properly deal with the issue,’ he said.

Military readiness and also being prepared to deal with the enemys’ cultural inroads should be heeded in their aggressions, he said.

Referring to several military drills in the country, Ayatollah Khatami said, ‘Such military exercises help maintain our combat preparation in defending the country.’

‘There is no aggressive plan; the Islamic Republic of Iran from the early days of its triumph never attacked any country and is not to do so in the future, but any country which dares to attack Iran will be given a crushing response.’

Dealing with cultural inroads will be much tougher than dealing with military confrontation, underlined Ayatollah Khatami.

He also advised the youth and officials to exercise vigilance in dealing with cyber space.

Cultural officials should keep in mind that only religion can cope with the threats imposed by the enemies, he said.