Economy Minister in message to Leader: Resistance Economy highly promising

IRNA – The government has successfully carried out policies of the Economy of Resistance, says Economy Minister Ali Tayyebnia.

Tayyebnia in a message to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday described the government’s achievements in its pursuit of policies of the Economy of Resistance as very significant and promising.

The Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance also praised the decision by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to name the new Iranian calendar year as the year of ‘Economy of Resistance, Production and Employment’.

The unprecedented growth of Iran’s gross domestic product, achieving a single-digit inflation rate, using the incomes generated from non-oil exports to meet the county’s import needs, maintain a positive non-oil trade balance, improving exploitation of joint hydrocarbon resources and enhancement of food security by relying on domestic agricultural products are some of the achievements made by the government based on the general framework of the Economy of Resistance, the economy minister said in his message.

Tayyebnia also said that the government and especially the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance have taken great strides to fight smuggling of goods and promote economic transparency in the country.

Significant measures have been taken to address customs, tax and money laundering-related issues, though we need to strive for the ideal conditions.

Tayyebnia expressed hope that in the year of ‘Economy of Resistance, Production and Employment’ the Islamic Iran would witness a real change in its production and employment conditions.