FM: Iran can have good ties with S. Arabia

IRNA – Foreign Minister, Mohammad-Javad Zarif, says Iran and Saudi Arabia can have good relations with each other.

Zarif made the remarks in an interview with Lebanon-based and Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news network on Thursday.

Zarif said Iran is ready for cooperation with all Islamic countries within framework of the non-aggression policy and non-intervention in others’ internal affairs. ‘Cooperation with the neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, should aim peace in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.’

Pointing to Saudi Arabia and Zionist regime measures to force Iran and said, ‘Since early beginning of the nuclear talks, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime tried to prevent any accord; they tried all ways and exerted big pressures; now too, we predict they will continue with such efforts.”

He expressed regret for the Muslim countries that make alliances with other countries against Islamic states.

Zarif advised Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Iran instead of approaching other states to harm the Islamic Republic.

If a country adopts wrong measures and attacks Yemen and supports Daesh, al-Nosrah front in Syria and Iraq, it should blame itself for the consequences and not Iran, he noted.

Foreign minister reiterated that cooperation with neighboring counties, including Saudi Arabia should focus on establishment of peace in Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.

In reaction to Zionist regime officials’ threats against Iran, he said Zionist regime officials are using threats to progress forward their aggressive policies in the region.

Zarif said that Netanyahu does hist best to cover up Israel crimes.

Foreign minister noted that he does not think Zionist regime has military option on the agenda against Iran.

Zionist regime is the biggest nuclear threat against the region and the world, he said.

Zarif added, “We have never expected Israel to take peaceful policies and it is for years that we are accustomed to the regime’s aggressive policies.”

He underlined Iran’s preparedness to help the Palestinians realize national unity as a top priority.

After attacking Gaza and Lebanon, Israeli officials learned that the Palestinian and Lebanese people are not easy targets, Zarif said.