Iran, Pakistan hold marine drill

MNA – Iranian and Pakistani navies have participated in a joint military drill in southern waters of the Sea of Oman.

Commander of First Naval Zone Rear Admiral Hossein Azad told reporters on Thursday that Iran’s Jamaran destroyer was joined by a second missile-launch war ship and a helicopter along with Pakistan’s fleet including Tipu Sultan destroyer and its entourage in a joint drill in the Sea of Oman; “the drill exercised airlifting, navy transportation, vertical exchanges, and host of other operations,” added the admiral. “In the drill 800 navy personnel from Iranian and Pakistani navies participated; Tipu Sultan-led fleet arrived in Bandar Abbas earlier this week and commanders held several introductory meetings which was cultural and administrative as well.”

Iran-Pakistan contacts of fleet exchange goes back to 2014 when two countries received navy fleets with messages of peace and friendship; the fleet is the 5th such fleet after fleets from India, Italy, and Russia arrived in the Fist Naval Zone.

Iran’s Navy was an observer in Pakistan’s February multinational drill, ‘Aman-17,’ (‘Safety-17’). Earlier in September, a fleet of Iranian navy had arrived in Karachi. In April 2016, Pakistan had visited Bandar Abbas when they held joint drill with Iranian destroyers.