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Ties between Iran, Arab nations benefit Islamic world

file photo shows Iran flag.

Iran Daily|Hadi Khosroshahi: President Hassan Rouhani’s administration has placed plans on the agenda over the past four years to influentially boost the Islamic Republic’s ties with other countries.

Undoubtedly, good relations with other nations, particularly the Persian Gulf littoral states – on the basis of national interests – are highly valuable and produce positive political, economic and cultural results.

In line with the government’s plans to boost ties with the world, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s trip to Qatar, as one of the influential Arab nations, was significant.

Joint oil fields between Iran and Qatar necessitate that the two nations maintain constant contact. Recently, Kuwait and Oman also hosted top Iranian officials.

Undoubtedly, the expansion of ties with such neighboring countries can contribute to easing regional tensions and foiling plots hatched by Israel.

The promotion of ties between Tehran and Arab nations will push Saudi Arabia to conclude that establishing normal political and economic relations with the Islamic Republic will benefit the kingdom.

Presently, Riyadh is faced with a deepening crisis in Yemen; its situation has gotten worse since it invaded the impoverished nation in March 2015.

Despite Riyadh’s failure in Yemen, the Saudis are under the illusion that they could continue to flaunt their clout by supporting Takfiri terrorists and making anti-Iran remarks.

Nonetheless, the influential policy pursued by the Rouhani government will ultimately compel Saudi Arabia to hold talks with Iran over regional crises.

Meanwhile, Iran cannot adopt a uniform policy regarding the development of ties with all Arab nations.

For instance, the Islamic Republic has not had an embassy in Egypt for more than three decades. Hence, bilateral ties cannot be promoted overnight.

The development of Tehran-Cairo ties are in need of comprehensive planning.

Iranian officials have time and again reiterated that the Islamic Republic is against engaging in wars despite its military might. Tehran has always stressed that talks and diplomacy are the only solution to resolving regional crises.

In line with such an approach, the enhancement of Tehran’s ties with regional nations will not only benefit the country but also the Islamic world.


Hadi Khosroshahi formerly served as the head of Iran’s interests section in Egypt.

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