Brig. Gen. Dehghan: Defense Ministry enjoys year of pride, progress

MNA – Def. Min. Dehghan said the present Iranian year has been replete with dignity and upturn in defense sector, defense industry in particular.

Addressing an end-of-the-year session with senior director of Defense Ministry, Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan recounted on measures taken in the present Iranian calendar year (to end March 21) asserting “we experienced a glorious year full of upsurge and achievement in defense arenas as the Ministry of Defense sough to make enormous strides to strengthen the country’s deterrence power within the framework of the Leader’s prudence and by applying a Resistance Economy approach.”

“As regards preparation in defense industry, we managed to move defense industries outside residential areas which marked a great progress since the step led to increased output and enhanced quality rather than interrupting production,” he continued.

Dehghan went on to enumerate inauguration of production lines for dozens of new products in the present year including Emad missiles, Zulfaghar missile, the first national turbojet engine called Owj, Matla-e Fajr advanced radar, and Karrar tank saying “one tremendous stride in the current year was 45-fold increase in capacity of defense industry in the field of armors and weaponry.”

Iran’s defense minister said another attainment was full implementation of the standard system for defense products and establishment of open innovation; “sum of these accomplishments indicates honesty, sincerity, empathy and support of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces in achieving their goals.”

Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan also highlighted defense diplomacy steps taken to advance foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran including constructive engagement with countries across the globe as evidenced by full implementation of S-300 contract, signing defense cooperation agreements with Russia, China, Oman, South Africa and Iraq as well as effective assistance to legal governments of Iraq and Syria in the fight against terrorism.

“Defense Ministry also proved its capabilities in contributing to national development by development management of Makran coasts and finalization of its comprehensive plan, self-sufficiency in anti-corrosion pipes in the oil, gas and utilities industries as well as organizing of helicopters in crisis management to reduce injuries related to accidents and natural disasters,” the official underscored.

Dehghan, while stressing that significant measures have been taken in missile, air, sea, land, telecommunications, electronics, optics, engineering, legal and welfare arenas, concluded “the coming year also great and precious achievements will be attained thanks to Iranian scientists, professionals and craftsmen who will dramatically boost national development as well as operational and combat capabilities of the Armed Forces.