Iranian Ships in Russian Port of Makhachkala

Iran seeking closer cooperation with Russia in int’l waters: Captain

Tasnim – Commander of an Iranian naval flotilla that has docked at Russia’s port city of Makhachkala on a friendly visit said Iran is looking for enhancement of “good and constructive” naval cooperation with Russia.

“We are here to strengthen good and constructive interaction with Russia with a focus on safeguarding peace,” Captain Mohsen Sheidaee told Sputnik Persian on Tuesday.

He added, “We are proud that we managed to turn threats into opportunities during the sanctions period”.

The Iranian naval flotilla, comprised of Damavand destroyer and Darafsh missile-launching vessel, berthed at the Russian port on Thursday.

Upon its arrival, the Iranian watercraft were given a salute by three Russian Buyan M-class corvettes, including Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, and Velikiy Ustug.

In October 2016, a Russian flotilla of warships arrived in Iran’s Caspian Sea territorial waters near the northern port city of Bandar Anzali as part of reciprocal visits.

Iran and Russia have formed a strong alliance in recent years, with both supporting the Syrian government against foreign-backed militancy.