Iran English language newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 14-03-2017

Iran Daily

Iran second oil supplier to India in February
India’s oil imports from Iran rose nearly 17 percent in February from a month earlier as refiners received less crude from key OPEC producers Saudi Arabia and Iraq following an OPEC deal to cut output, shipping data showed on Monday.

UN: Violence against Syria’s children ‘at its worst’ in 2016
Violence against children in war-ravaged Syria was “at its worst” in 2016, the UN’s children’s agency said Monday as the conflict completes its sixth year.

President: National economy experienced two-digit growth
President Hassan Rouhani has hailed his government’s economic achievements saying the national economy has witnessed a two-digit growth.

FM: Netanyahu faking history to sell bigoted lies against Iran
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has resorted to fake history and falsifying the Torah to sell lies against Iran.

EU warns Erdogan as Turkey-Netherlands crisis deepens
The European Union on Monday warned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to avoid inflammatory rhetoric as a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and the Netherlands deepened over the blocking of Turkish ministers from holding rallies to win support for plans to expand his powers.

Scotland seeks new independence referendum
Scotland’s leader delivered a shock twist to Britain’s EU exit drama on Monday, announcing that she will seek authority to hold a new independence referendum in the next two years because Britain is dragging Scotland out of the EU against its will.

Iran gearing up for 2017 presidential election
Rival political camps in Iran’s presidential election took more definite steps toward contesting the election which is to be held this year.

Iranian delegation in Kazakhstan for Syria talks
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari, heading a delegation, left Iran for Kazakhstan on Monday to participate in the third round of talks on the Syrian crisis in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana.

Larijani: Iran “exercised self-restraint” over Turkey’s stances
Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Iran “exercised self-restraint” after recent remarks by Turkish officials against Tehran.

Tehran Times

Iran well advised to forge closer ties with EU: scholar
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, a professor of global thought and comparative philosophies, believes that Iran must reinforce its relations with the European Union in view of the fact that “Iran and Europe have had a common bond throughout history.”

Zarif: Iran has saved Jews three times in history
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that Iran has saved Jews three times in its history, noting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is resorting to fake history.

Election of ‘highly unpredictable’ Trump was most important event in 1395: academic
Professor Nader Entessar says the election of Donald Trump, as a “highly volatile, unpredictable and aggressive person”, should be “considered a very important event in the world because of the impact of his still evolving foreign policy on global stability.”

Western disinformation against Damascus lacks credibility: Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the era of spreading disinformation by most of the Western media against the Syrian government has passed and their credibility is questioned even by the people in the West.

Russia, Turkey, Iran to go ahead with Syria talks: Kazakhstan
Russia, Turkey and Iran are pressing ahead with the third round of the Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov said on Monday, despite a request from the Syrian opposition to postpone the meeting.

‘Turkey expected to act prudently’
Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Monday that Tehran expects the Turkish government to be considerate in making comments and adopting stances.

Two Iranian warships enter Gulf of Aden
Iranian Navy has announced that two of its warships have entered the Gulf of Aden in recent days, Tasnim news agency reported.

Parliamentary body cancels death penalty for drug smugglers
The Judicial Commission of Iran’s parliament has tabled a motion that, if passed, overturns death penalty for nearly 5,000 drug smugglers, a member of the body said on Saturday.