US seeks “Trump Cards” behind Syria marines deployment: Lebanese expert

Alwaght– The US has deployed forces to Syria to occupy part of its soil and later sit on the bargaining table for political advantages, a Lebanese military and strategic expert Amin Hoteit, told Alwaght in an interview originally conducted in Arabic.  

Following is full text of Alwaght correspondent’s interview with Lebanese pundit on a couple of issues including the last week’s US announcement to send new forces to Syria, Washington’s double-game policy especially after recent triumphs made by the Axis of Resistance in Syria, and also the Kurdish independence agenda in the region.

Alwaght: Recently news was emerged on US military deployment to Syria and on Friday the White House spokesman announced sending 400 Marines to the Syrian territories. What do you think are the goals and also the consequences of the measure?

Hoteit: The US knows well that Syria and its allies have recently taken an upper hand as they made big gains on the battlefields. Since liberation of Aleppo three months ago up to now, Syria has been making battleground breakthroughs which gave it the lead in the front lines. Now we can assert that the war against Syria has ignominiously failed to achieve its preset goals. We at the same time can observe that the Syrian government’s battlefield superiority pushed ahead the political process to discuss a peaceful solution for the conflict.

But the US cannot engage in a peace process for Syria while it is turning out a loser on the ground. We can now witness that the true American goals in Syria lie in two issues: first, thwarting the Syrian government’s (military) successes which make the US be in a difficult situation politically. Second, gaining battlefield trump cards to use them to gain political ground in Syria when comes the time for ultimate political settlement. To these ends, the US saw the shortcut in dispatching troops under the cover of fighting terrorism, and also backing some local forces like the Syrian Democratic Forces and the likes. The truth is that the US wants to occupy part of Syria militarily so that later it sits on the bargaining table for political advantages.

Alwaght: Some analysts suggest that US military deployment into Syria besides srving the US interests aims to support Kurdish forces in their scheduled Raqqa offensive and also is an indirect warning to Turkey as an actor in the battle. What is you take on the idea?

Hoteit: The US supports neither side. It does not care about the Kurds or the Turks. It solely works for its own interests. The US takes advantage of the Kurds who revealed their political and strategic short-sightedness. All the US wants is obtaining bargaining cards inside Syria to win. Washington knows perfectly that the Kurds are simply a bridge to pass towards its own objectives, not more. They are not in a position to materialize any of their goals in Syria because the region as a whole rejects the separatist project eyed by the Kurds.