Iran to unveil Karrar tank Sunday

IRNA – Domestically-manufactured battle Karrar (Striker) tank would be unveiled in a ceremony on Sunday attended by Defense Minister Brigadier-General Hossein Dehqan, it was announced on Saturday.

Concurrent with the unveiling ceremony, the production line of Karrar tank will be inaugurated in Bani-Hashem Armor Complex in Dorud city in western province of Lorestan.

All the manufacturing process of the tank has taken place in Bani-Hashem Armor Complex.

Iran industry has been developing fast in the past few years. On March 7, the Saba-248 national helicopter was unveiled in a ceremony attended by Dehqan and Vice President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Sourena Sattari.

The helicopter has totally been designed and built by the experts of Iran Helicopter Logistics and Renovation Company affiliated to the ministry’s Aviation Industries Organization.

Iran Helicopter Logistics and Renovation Company designed and built Saba-248 national helicopter in cooperation with the knowledge-based companies, universities and research and scientific centers.

The Saba-248 is a multifunctional helicopter with two engines and eight seats. It can be deployed to a wide variety of missions, including freight and passenger transport missions, rescue operations and aerial photography.