Iran one of the fastest developing economies: British businessman

IRNA – Torsten Bohler, Managing director of the British finance company, Abacus, believes that Iran is one of the fastest developing economies.

In an interview with IRNA in London and responding to a question why Iran market attracts his company, Bohler said, ‘Iran attracts us for a number of reasons. It’s one of the fastest developing economies; it differs significantly compared to some of the surrounding economies.

Iran is also trying to further develop its economy in a smart way. Iran has a very serious vision of transforming its economy further; it’s not all about consumer goods that are being exported and being sold to the people in Iran, but it’s also about how the Iranian economy can further itself through investment and partnerships and that’s a very exciting for us.’

On the differences between Iran and the neighboring countries, the British businessman said, ‘Iranian economy is a lot more diversified than those in the region.
Iran is very seriously and in a very considerate way investing in its future vision. So it would be very easy just to lean on hydrocarbon sector and create huge economic dependency on hydrocarbons.’

To a question about the impact of US President Donald Trump hostility towards Iran on his business with Iran, he said, ‘First of all, we are a British institution, so in that respect we are European and I think that Europe and Iran have historically enjoyed good relationships and we would obviously hope that this would continue to be the case that will develop further.

Clearly at the end of the day, the US situation could impact us, but we are optimistic that there will be many opportunities to continue on the positive path and to gain further trajectory and build on what we have experienced over the last years since the sanctions have been lifted.’

On the ways of dealing with financial transaction with Iran, Kohler said, ‘Obviously, there are still impediments in place. There is a hesitation by some of the big incumbent players to engage.

However, we are connected with financial institutions which are working with Iran. I think this is a very good step and hopefully the remaining big players will eventually give up their hesitation and we also see the US becoming more positive and supportive.’

To a question about the UK government’s position towards doing business with Iran, he said, ‘The British government is supportive; they would like to see relationships strengthening and gaining pace.’