Iraqi forces battling out ISIL in western Mosul, more districts liberated

FNA- Reports said Iraqi government forces are engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL militants in Western Mosul’s Tayyaran district on Wednesday, after they managed to fight off an ISIL attack and liberate more districts during the battle to force the terrorists into retreating further into the West of the city.

The fierce clashes in Tayyaran district began on Wednesday after Iraqi forces saw off an ISIL counter-attack near Mosul’s main government building hours after recapturing it, NRT reported.

Iraqi forces, backed by their allied forces, have fought since October in an intensive campaign to drive the ISIL militants out of Mosul, their last major stronghold in the country.

Local media also reported on Wednesday that Iraqi security forces managed to liberate al-Mansour and al-Shuhada districts in Western Mosul, dealing more blows to the militants in the battle to liberate the flashpoint city.

They recaptured the Eastern half of the city in January and launched assaults on the Western side, across the Tigris River, on Feb. 19.

ISIL militants are putting up stiff resistance, hiding among the civilian population and deploying car bombs and snipers.