Bahram Qassemi

FM spox.: Europeans prefer a living JCPOA

MNA – Foreign Ministry spokesperson has told a press conference Iran welcomes mediation including by Moscow to bring a détente to relations with Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Bahram Ghasemi’s press conference on Monday highlighted the importance of the JCPOA where the Europeans had been rejoicing the openings to Iranian economy post-JCPOA implementation. “They welcome a living JCPOA; the frequenting to Tehran of many European delegations especially of trade provides positive indications that they would benefit from the JCPOA than from its undermining,” Ghasemi told the press. “Thus, the Europeans will work to keep the deal working.”
On Bahrain situation and crackdown on majority Shia revolutionary public, spokesperson recommended the regime in Manama to review its failing policy in pursuit of mollifying the revolutionaries; “the regime should work with revolutionaries in hitting a deal where the country could emerge unscathed from the conflicts between citizens and the oppressive rulers of Al-Khalifa,” he added, avoiding any comment on the time of Sheikh Isa Qassim’s trial.

“Iran will definitely show a proper reaction to the Bahraini regime and currently, we watch the situation in the island closely to see if the regime has a willingness to show flexibility in its position,” Ghasemi said.

No less important was Syrian talks in Astana to be held later in March in Kazakhstan; “Astana talks is slated to be held before Geneva session; we wait to see what would be the outcomes of the talks,” added the spokesperson briefly.

Ghasemi also said that President Rouhani’s meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had been requested by the Turkish side on the sidelines of ECO Summit in Islamabad; “this was the first high-profile contact with the country after the aborted coup of the last July and was an opportunity to discuss some pressing issues, and we evaluate the meeting constructive,” he continued.