Daesh bombings kill over dozen in Syria’s Aleppo province

Press TV- More than a dozen people have been killed and several others injured after members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group carried out two separate bomb attacks in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo.

A Daesh assailant detonated an explosive-laden car near the town of Dayr Hafir, located about 50 kilometers east of the provincial capital city of Aleppo, late on Saturday, leaving eight army soldiers and fighters from pro-government popular forces dead, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday.

The London-based monitoring group added that several others were also injured in the attack.

Daesh later claimed responsibility for the act of violence, saying it was carried out by a terrorist identified as Abu Abdullah al-Shami.

In the second attack, a Daesh terrorist “detonated his belt” in the militant-held city of Azaz, roughly 32 kilometers northwest of Aleppo.

The observatory said the bomb attack killed seven pro-government fighters and wounded several others. The death toll is expected to rise as some of the victims are in a critical condition.

An image grab taken from a video released on January 7, 2017 shows people gathering amid the debris at the site of a car bomb attack in the militant-held town of Azaz in northern Syria. (Photo by AFP)

At least 48 people were killed and dozens wounded on January 7, when a rigged fuel tanker exploded near a bustling market in front of a courthouse in Azaz. About 14 of the dead were members of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) militant group.

Over the past few months, Syrian government troops have made sweeping gains against Takfiri elements, who have lately increased their acts of violence across the country following a series of defeats in Aleppo and elsewhere.

Syria has been plagued by militancy since March 2011.