Iran’s 1st medical office opens in Iraq: Official

March 5, The Iran Project – Head of Tehran University of Medical Sciences has announced that Iran’s first medical office was opened in the University of Sulaimaniyah in Iraq, adding it is the first office of the Ministry of Health that was officially launched outside the country.

Speaking to a reporter on Sunday, Ali Jafarian said the main task of this office is to provide the conditions for the Iraqi students applying for studying graduate medical sciences in Iran.

Jafarian also noted that Iran’s medical office facilities the Iraqi students’ application processes and establishes scientific relations between Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the University of Sulaimaniyah,

Also, if the University of Sulaymaniyah needs, Iranian professors will attend the research and educational programs and seminars, he added.

To improve their level of education and research and review their curriculum, the officials of Sulaymaniyah University are willing to establish a research center in Iraq with the collaboration of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, he said.

Jafarian stressed that is the first office that the Ministry of Health officially activated abroad with the mutual agreement, adding if it is successful, we can also open a branch of the university for some majors in the city of Sulaymaniyah.