Iranian Official: Trump forced to comply with US N. deal undertakings

FNA- Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council (EC) and former IRGC Chief Commander Mohsen Rezayee said Tehran enjoys the power to force the US President to comply with Washington’s undertakings under the 2015 nuclear deal if Donal Trump shrugs off responsibility and defies the terms of the agreement.

“Addressing the congress, the US president has bragged about imposing sanctions against several Iranian individuals and firms, saying that he has reaffirmed his unbreakable alliance with Israel and that he would continue pressures on Iran,” Rezayee wrote on his Instagram page on Wednesday in reaction to Trump’s recent remarks.

“Mr. Trump! Your warnings are a political trick to defy your undertakings under the nuclear deal. (But) I ensure you that we will do something that you would be forced to to comply with all your nuclear deal undertakings instead of issuing warnings,” he added.

Addressing the US congress on Tuesday, Trump said that he has “imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran’s ballistic missile program, and reaffirmed our unbreakable alliance with the State of Israel”.

In relevant remarks last month, Rezayee cautioned that Trump’s threats against Tehran are aimed at promoting Iranophobia projects and coaxing the regional states into purchasing the US-made weapons.

“Trump’s threats are aimed at selling weapons. He wants to fill the gap between the rich and the poor in the US with the money of the Muslim people of this region,” Rezayee wrote on his Instagram page.

Warning that the US is attempting to block Iran’s progress, he called on the Iranian people and officials to strengthen unity, brotherhood and resistance and take wise decisions to thwart threats.