Heart of economy to beat in Asia

MNA– President Rouhani has said the emerging economic powers in Asia would change the global economic streams in near future.

President Hassan Rouhani, delivering the opening speech at the 13th ECO summit in Islamabad on Wednesday, underlined that ECO member states would make great steps to enact ECO programs with cooperation and exchanging views.

“Heart of economy would beat in Asia in near future as the emerging powers would alter the main economic trends in the world turning the 21st century to Asia’s booming era,” Rouhani asserted.

Rouhani, noting the speculations made on global economy, said “the developments in position of some key ECO members would turn Asia once again to the West-East cross point; this future begins today and would show the world that ECO, not only has not lost its existence philosophy, but soon would be an important entity.”

Iranian president underlined that the unique position of ECO member states in fields such as transportation, energy and trade creates an ideal position for the Organization, adding “Economic Cooperation Organization has to play leading role in building the future of the region and needs to be well organized in this path.”

Yet, Rouhnai lamented, the level of cooperation is not satisfying; “member states should benefit from the organization’s capacity to enhance production and trade particularly in energy sector.”