Diplomat: Tehran, Oslo cooperation to go to pre-sanctions era

IRNA – Norwegian Envoy in Iran John Mikal Kvistad said on Tuesday that Tehran and Oslo by overcoming some challenges should prepare the grounds for return of economic boom between the two countries to pre-sanctions era.

He made the remarks here in a conference dubbed as; cooperation development and technology of upstream sector of oil and gas of Iran and Norway.

Kvistad announced that banking problems and transparency issues are among challenges which by overcoming them grounds for expansion of trade cooperation between the two countries will be prepared.

He expressed hope that by finalization of new model of oil contracts in Iran, bilateral cooperation could expand noticeably.

The Norwegian envoy reminded his country’s readiness to help for banking cooperation with Iran and added that to this end, it needs signing final agreements, beyond current memorandum of understandings.

Kvistad said that Iran should use post-JCPOA capacity.

Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Norway Yel Bourg Fribourg also underlined expansion of cooperation between the two countries in the field of oil and energy and introduced technical and trade capacities of Norwegian companies.

Norway in north Europe has huge oil reserves and in comparison to its population, is the largest non-Middle Eastern oil and natural gas producer in the world.

The most famous Norwegian oil company is Statoil, which already had activities in Iran.