China main exporter and importer of Iranian goods

ISNA –China was simultaneously the main exporter and importer of Iranian goods, according to latest estimates of Iran’s trade volume in the past 11 months.

China is still the main customer of the goods from Iran and during the mentioned period the volume of Iran’s non-oil trade to china amounted to $7.29 billion, indicating a 6.91 % increase compared with the corresponding period of last year.

Other major export destinations included the UAE with $6.14 billion, Iraq with $5.51 billion, Turkey with $2.95 billion and South Korea with $2.69 billion worth of Iranian goods.

Major exporters to Iran included China ($9.37 billion), the UAE ($5.79 billion), South Korea ($3.27 billion), Turkey ($2.38 billion) and Germany ($2.17 billion). Imports from the UAE, South Korea and Turkey fell by 15.02%, 9.57% and 10.99% respectively.