Donald Trump needs to visit Iran: Jordan Burroughs

Tasnim– USA wrestler Jordan Burroughs says that if Donald Trump ever visited Iran, he’d learn a lot about the Persians.

In response to Trump’s hastily slapped-together executive order last month that blocked entry for citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Iran, the Iranian government barred visa entry for all US citizens.

The move had a direct effect on the wrestling World Cup, an international competition that was set to take place in Iran, where wrestling is pretty much the national sport.

“Donald Trump and I have very different views on Iranians. I am confident that if he ever visited the country, he’d learn a lot about the people and come back to the States with a newfound appreciation for the Persians,” Jordan Burroughs told

“After seven years on the international stage, I’ve never lost to an Iranian wrestler. But don’t get me wrong: As a team, they are always the best. This was my fifth World Cup, and in each of those competitions, we were beat by the Iranians. It just shows how high of a level those guys are consistently wrestling. Above all else, they are extremely athletic, disciplined, and know how to maintain great positioning throughout a match,” the 2012 Olympics Games medal winner said.

“Other than the US, they’re the only other country that I’ve felt their love for sports is interwoven with their national identity. For Americans, of course, it’s football, basketball, and baseball. We live for it. In many ways, it sums up who we are. In Iran, it’s all about wrestling. The patriotism toward their country comes out in the way they wrestle, so it makes sense why they’re the best,” Burroughs added.