US historian explains why Israel crimes in Palestine goes unpunished

Alwaght– The Sixth International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada “shows wide-range resistance against what Israeli regime is doing in Palestine. It’s important right now when Palestine is very much in the news in terms of the US relationship with the Israeli regime and the US position about Palestine”, American historian Mark Weber told Alwaght.

The Iranian capital, Tehran, is hosting the second day of an international forum in support of the Palestinian cause, with hundreds of foreign guests, including senior Palestinian leaders and officials of Muslim nations, in attendance.

The American author who is also director of the Institute for Historical Review Said US President Donald Trump is supporter of “the so-called one-state solution,” that is “a break from US Policy”.

Shedding light on “How and Why Israel is able to carry out, year after year and decade after decade policies of oppression and war [against Palestine] that if carried out by any other country it would be punished,” Mark Weber explained “Key to understand this is the enormous power that the organized Jewish community, sometimes called Jewish lobby, Israel Lobby and Zionist lobby, has in the United States.  This is a network organization and influential pro-Zionist Jews in the media and the political realm to make sure that American politicians are very supportive of Israel and whatever it does.”  He also explained that Zionist Lobby uses it influence in US media “to create a climate and an impression that Israel is very good and must be supported”.

“By far the largest donors and contributors to Donald Trump’s elections campaign, except for himself, was a very pro-Zionist Jewish billionaire named Sheldon Gary Adelson who owned casinos. He gave 25 Million Dollars to the Trump Campaign. The biggest donor and contributor financial supporter of Hilary Clinton was another Jewish Billionaire named Haim Saban (who contributed $35 million to help elect Clinton). Top donors of both candidates were pro-Zionist Jews”, the American historian told Alwaght correspondent.

Mr. Weber also called for short-run solutions to help Palestinian resistance in the face of Israeli regime while he voiced concerns about disunity among Palestinians.