Palestine cause, top priority for Iran: Senior cleric

IRNA – Tehran substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said Palestine cause is top priority for Iran, adding that the issue is an Islamic one since domination of infidels over Muslims is forbidden (Haram) according to Islamic tenets.

Addressing congregational prayers on Friday, Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani underlined that Iran’s national, regional and political interests have been tied to the cause of Palestine.

Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani underscored that the Zionists are spreading their domination across the world.

Describing the US government as the main supporter of the Zionist regime, he added a large number of American financial and political institutions are being controlled by Israel.

The senior cleric added humiliation and destruction await the Zionists and their supporters including US and UK.