Iraq’s PMF isolates ISIL between Mosul’s western coast, Tal Afar

FNA- Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units “PMF” announced that ISIL’s supply lines between the district of Tal Afar and the Western part of Mosul have been cut off by the Iraqi forces completely, stressing the advance of their troops for more than 20 km deep during the operation to eventually liberate Mosul.

The 26th brigade of the Popular Mobilization Units, has cut the last supply line used by ISIL terror group in “Al-Sahaji Street” links between Mosul’s right coast and the district of Tal Afar, PMF said in a statement, Badr News reported.

“The operations have witnessed so far, the detonation of 8 car bombs and the killing of more than 50 militants belonging to ISIL terror group”, the statement added.

The operaton to liberate Western Mosul was launched yesterday, the military operations to liberate the right side of the city of Mosul amid a significant progress by the security forces that inflicted ISIL heavy losses in militants and equipment.