Backing Palestine to help settle regional crises

MNA– Secretary General of 6th Intl. Conference on Palestinan Intifada said Quds issue has a high potential for uniting Islamic community, adding “supporting Palestine” can help settle regional crises.

Hossein Amir Abdollahian made the remarks in an interview with Al-Alam News Network on the occasion of the hosting of the 6th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada in Tehran.

He noted two significant factors on the regional level relevant to the Palestinian issue, adding “one of the factors is the covert and overt normalization of relations between a number of Muslim countries and Israel. The second factor is that a number of American officials, even those in Trump’s administration, have voiced their support for the Israeli regime now more than ever, such as the proposal to move US embassy to Jerusalem.”

According to Amir Abdollahian, over 500 foreign guests from more than 50 countries will put the Palestinian issue at the forefront of talks during the two-day conference in support of Palestinian people.

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has several operational proposals both on the ground and on the political arena to help with the Palestinian crisis.

He went on to add that Israel does not have the necessary preparations to start a war in the region; “Israelis are severely concerned both due to their own internal issues and also their continuous defeats at the hands of the Resistance,” he said, adding “so while Israel is a threat to the region, it cannot start a military operation and hope to end it with victory. The Resistance will not allow Israel such victory.”

The 6th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada is currently underway from February 21 to 22 in Tehran.