Majlis impeaches Minister of Roads

IRNA – Impeachment of Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi started in Majlis (parliament) on Sunday morning.

Minister of Roads is being impeached due to his alledged irresponsibility and also unacceptable activities dealing with the two deadly incidents including the tragic train accident near Semnan province and crash of Iranian Antonov passenger plane.

During the first incident, two trains collided near the city of Semnan in north central of the country on Nov 27, and the plane crash goes back to August 2014 in which 40 people from 48 passengers on board died instantly.

According to Majlis law, the parliamentarians who are for or against the impeachment elaborate their views about the minister’s performance for two hours, then the minister and the president will have three hours to defend. Finally the lawmakers cast their votes for or against the minister. If the minister cannot obtain confidence vote of the majority of the parliamentarians, he will be removed from his post.